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Covid-19 Response

Due to the current Coronavirus outbreak and state wide mandated shelter-in-place, we have currently closed our clinic location.  We have moved to telehealth and are able to provide therapy via live, real time teletherapy sessions.  Current patients please reach out to your therapist to schedule ongoing teletherapy services.

We are also still accepting new patients on a case by case basis.  Some evaluation can be done via telehealth.  We will contact your insurance for detailed coverage information.  Contact us for more information at

What is teletherapy?

Teletherapy is an OT or PT session in which your therapist connects with you via an audio and video platform such as FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, etc.  The therapist will instruct and guide you through a regular therapeutic session working on the same skills and exercise you would in a regular in clinic session.  

How long is a teletherapy session?

Each teletherapy session is tailored to the needs, abilities, and attention span of the child.  Length of sessions is based on each child's and family's needs.

Does insurance cover teletherapy?

During the current covid-19 pandemic most private insurance companies are allowing for teletherapy sessions.  We will contact each private payer to verify benefits to ensure your plans exact coverage.

What to expect from a teletherapy?

Before each teletherapy session your therapist will email you a summary of suggested equipment to have on hand and an outline of activities planned.  Prior to your schedule session, gather the recommended items and prepare the space where you and your child will be working.  Your therapist will contact you via the pre-arranged platform.  They will guide you through the various activities they outlined in their email, while also being very flexible to the child's current interest and participation level.  

Teletherapy requirements  

To participate in a teletherapy session you will need a laptop, desktop, tablet, OR cell phone that connects to the internet.  High speed internet is recommended for the best possible connection.  

Parent involvement  

 Parent involvement is dictated by the child's ability to independently follow verbal directions.